Friday, 1 March 2013

Having Your Say

As you are most likely aware, the government are proposing many changes to childcare which I have discussed previously in this blog.
Today our local childminding group met together with Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing and Shoreham and also ex-minister for children and families. He had some interesting things to say but rather than give you a long, detailed description of our discussions, I would like to just point out the most important actions that came out of our conversation.
Respond, respond, respond. Any time the government give you an opportunity to have your say, USE IT. These responses/comments/arguments are all read, taken into account and used to inform the direction the government will take on any proposals they have. Even though it appears that our voices are not being heard, Tim assured us that although Liz Truss may not seem to be listening, the government is! She does not have the final say on these issues and if enough people kick up a stink, the government will realise that it's not worth persuing these ideas and they will be shelved/tweaked/made fit for purpose before being implemented.
Email everyone at once! He suggested that if we do decide to email Liz Truss, to copy in David Cameron/Number 10 and for those locally, Tim as well (he has an obligation to act on the issues presented by his constituents).
Make it personal. Mass produced letters with several signatures just don't cut it - the letters that have the biggest impact are those with personal examples of how these changes will affect YOU. This also, and very importantly, includes PARENTS so please do encourage parents of the children you care for to have their say too.
The place you can have your say is on the offical government website, find out how to respond here:
Please remember that we have a website set up dedicated to giving you the latest information, research and relevent documents related to this campaign at
There are also two petitions running, one against ratio changes:
and one against childminder agencies:
I would encourage you to sign both of these (if you are in agreement of course) and also encourage your friends, colleagues, parents and families to join us in turning these proposals around.
Thanks for your support.

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  1. Very useful and yes I agree that responding is the most important thing we can do...a few precious minutes can amke a difference!
    There are two petitions on higher ratios and now an e-petiton too which will have a huge impact if it reaches 100,000 signatures! and the one against agencies

    There are also more that one support groups and websites offering the latest information to keep childminders up to date...Independent Childminder Focus Group being one of them and today we saw the launch of which has a high profile

    For the first time today we have achieved a breakthrough in engagement with the DfE so it looks like we are going to be listened to at last!